Comprehensive ERP solution for multiple location sales, distribution & manufacturing business to manage their entire down stream supply chains. The loosely coupled solution helps you to manage your chain network and take informed decisions from anywhere with complete visibility on your Business

Arrow Sales & Distribution Management

Arrow Procurement Management

Arrow Inventory Management

Arrow Production Management

Arrow Quality Control Management

Arrow Financial Accounting

Arrow Payroll Management

Arrow Business Analytics Tool

Arrow Warehouse Management

Arrow CRM


User Friendly

Arrow Fully Menu Driven
Arrow Pop-up Lists
Arrow No need to remember codes
Arrow Mouse Operated
Arrow Audio visual indications 
Arrow Search on Code & Name


Arrow Flexible date format D/M/Y, M/D/Y, Y/M/D.
Arrow Millions format for figures.
Arrow Delete financial year & Company with 2 backup sets.
Arrow Flexible currency symbol & Name.
Arrow Flexible voucher numbering System.
Arrow Flexible financial year beginning date & period.

Switch over

Arrow Voucher entry from any point
Arrow Sale to Payment to Receipt switch over for urgent entries
Arrow Hot Keys for switch over from one report to another
Arrow Any Report at the time of Voucher Entry e.g. Overdues / Ledgers / Financial Reports


Arrow Software / Operator / Company Password
Arrow Special Powers & features for Supervisor
Arrow Operator wise Powers & Boundations
Arrow Voucher History & Passing Authority
Arrow Data Security with Self Backup and Carbon Copy


Arrow Multiple Companies
Arrow Multi Currency
Arrow Multiple Financial Years


Arrow Easy New Financial year creation
Arrow Carry balance to successive financial year
Arrow Carry balances from last year at any time
Arrow Error Checking & Reposting of Data
Arrow Credit Limits in Bills, Amount & Days with Stop Billing facility
Arrow Popup Calculator & User File on Tips
Arrow Shortcut Keys (Standard Narration)
Arrow Data freezing
Arrow Self Backup
Arrow Company wise data Backup & Restore
Arrow Party Creation / modification at the time of Billing
Arrow Sales Tax Forms/L.R. No./Tpt. for Central Sales
Arrow All Reports at the time of Entry
Arrow Voucher cancellation options

Personal Organiser

Arrow Calculator, Calendar and Personal Diary
Arrow Envelope and Labels printing 
Arrow Directory and Telephone book

Accounting Reports

Arrow Ledgers / Cash / Bank Books on Tips 
Arrow Monthly summaries of ledgers & Groups 
Arrow Un-cleared Cash Book
Arrow Day Book/Journal/Dr. Note/Cr. Note/Receipt/Payment & Contra Register
Arrow Duties & Taxes
Arrow Depreciation Statement
Arrow Voucher Printing
Arrow Sales / Purchase Registers
Arrow Bank Reconciliation
Arrow TDS Form 16A
Arrow Interest Calculation
Arrow Cheque Printing
Arrow Post Dated Cheques
Arrow Bank Deposit Slips
Arrow Trial Balance/Trading/P & L Account/Balance Sheet on Tips
Arrow Ledger / Group Analysis & Comparisons
Arrow Summaries of any Accounting Group / Ledgers
Arrow Sales Tax Forms/L.R. No./Tpt./Banker for Central Sales
Arrow Ledger / Group Analysis & Comparisons
Arrow Summaries of any Accounting Group / Ledgers
Arrow Cash Flow, Fund Flow & Ratio Analysis
Arrow Budget analysis (Ledger / Group)
Arrow Overdues (Receivable & Payable) Party / Sales Man / Route / Area wise / Selected
Arrow Bills with tagging facility
Arrow IT-ST-Auditor's Reports

Sales Tax Reports

Arrow Sales Tax Declaration Forms (Receivables / Issuables)
Arrow Sales Tax Summary
Arrow Sales Tax Forms Reminder Letters
Arrow Sales Tax Account Register (Local / Central / Combine)
Arrow State wise VAT Returns & E-Returns


Arrow Sundry Debtors / Creditors / Expenses / Budget Graphs
Arrow Debtors Debit / Credit Comparison
Arrow Party / Sales Man / Total G. P. Graphs
Arrow Ledger / Groups Monthly Balance / Debit / Credit /Dr. v/s Cr. / Average / Last Year Comparison 
Arrow Dr. v/s Cr. / Average / Last Year Comparison Graphs


Arrow Negative Cash & Stock
Arrow Budget & Credit Limit
Arrow Backup Indications


Arrow Overdues
Arrow A/C Confirmation
Arrow Bank Letter
Arrow Letter to Customers
Arrow Pending Forms
Arrow Collection Reminder

Working Zone

Arrow One Time Masters
Arrow Ledger & Group
Arrow Tax Masters
Arrow Item Master
Arrow Opening Balances
Arrow Setup

Data Entries

Arrow Payment/Receipt/Journal/Debit & Credit Note/Contra/Sale/ Purchase/Uncleared Cash/P. D. Cheques Seven     different styles both Bill No. & Party wise for Accounts updation

Self Software Setup

Arrow You can setup software as per your need.
Arrow Printer & Shortcut keys (Standard Narration) Setup
Arrow Heading & Sub Heading 
Arrow TDS & Excise Setup

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