Provide your users with true two-factor authentication using OTP with SMS.

Two-factor authentication has never been easier when served with SMS. Send One-Time Passwords out to your customers for enhanced security across your app, mobile website or online service.

True mobile authentication using SMS and - or real-time HLR Lookup can increase your security and validity of services exponentially with one easy API integration. Choose from using SMS to deliver your OTP or use USSD for an instant Flash SMS (pop up on screen).

Our OTP SMS technology can provide an extra layer of security in the form of tokens for financial purposes or user access for logging into secure areas.

Key Features:

  • Authentication in context: Full phone number verification with key information including portability and network, phone status and type, roaming and geographic data.
  • Fast track routing: Priority delivery for authentication messages.
  • Global coverage: Worldwide connection across 1000 networks in 200 countries 
  • SLAs: Strict adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • REST API: Easy-to-use SMS API to start sending OTP messages.
  • Phone number auto-correct: Auto correction of improperly formatted phone numbers for reliable OTP delivery. (Available in selected destinations.)
  • Flash SMS: OTPs sent as Flash SMS, which automatically pop up on the user’s phone without any user action (no Flash SMS left behind on the phone).
  • Choice of time-to-live: Expiry timeframe set for SMS messages that are undeliverable due to phones being turned off or unreachable.
Check out our OTP demo service   Click Here
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