Enterprise SMS Integration Solution

Smart Business Solutions are built to automate enterprise processes and bring technology nearer to the user with easy to use solutions and essential platform. The platform allows workflow automation for enterprise processes via messaging, location based services, M-commerce platform for mobile banking, mobile payments, top-up & recharge and other business cases.

Smart Vision VAS delivery platform enables enterprises to stay informed, connected and automates their processes. These business solutions integrate with enterprise ecosystem using standard & secure protocols SMPP, HTTP, HTTPs, XML, SOAP API, SSL over SMS, MMS, USSD and IVR messaging channels.

This solution is perfect solution for many business domains such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retails
  • Services
  • Fleet management
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • vehicle tracking
  • Educational institutions

It can help the business to automate their business processes such as:

  • send upates to management
  • approval notification 
  • task complete notification 
  • product delivery notification 
  • meterial shortage notifications
  • automate vehicle tracking messages / Alerts
  • Appointment alerts
  • Appointment reminders
  • check-in notifications
  • Check-out notifications
  • revenue / expense / occupancy alerts to management
  • Fees due notification to parents
  • school transport alerts

This solution would allow any companies to integrate SMS Service with their applications without the hassle of modification of coding or writing complex business logic for automating workflow:

  • Integrate with any database
  • create multiple workflow process using our easy to use application.
  • send/receive SMS Messages and update status directly into the database using easy to use procedure.
  • Get feedback/replies from your clients and send them messages based on received keywords.

Workflow automation

Using SMS short codes for automating enterprise operations across functions e.g. HR for leave approval, Purchase for PO approval, production for auto alerts on machine temperatures and many more. Smart Business solution platform is ready to integrate with enterprise's existing IT infrastructure, independent to any SMS service provider. It provides seamless integration solution with any database and allows users to create multiple workflows based on their requirements.

Manufacturing I Retail I Service l Across Departments I Easy integration

Location based advertising

Brings a new phenomenon in advertising segment. Smart Business Solution brings context aware platform by integrating with voice or data networks viz. WiFi Hotspot, 2.5G/3G cells; to send messages to the subscribers in particular location regarding deals in the zone. The same platform can be extended to cater to any location based message delivery services.

Context Aware I Quick Implementation l Network Agnostic

M-commerce, mobile banking and mobile payments

Enabled on Smart Business solution platform for Telco’s, banks and financial institutes to bring mobility in the hands of end users. Secure Platform integrates with existing core banking applications, brokerage houses, funds management applications and payment gateways. Scalable to handle millions of transactions of debit/credit, recharge accounts, bill payments, transactions history and lot more.

Secure I Branchless Banking I Mobile Payment


Interactions deployed using Smart Business solution platform with implementation of fleet management, work force tracking, logistics, WiFi Hotspot management, Telematics and more. Smart Business solution integrates with existing telecom infrastructure, RFID interfaces and other IT infrastructure.

Ready to Integrate I Easy to Configure l Standard Protocols

Live trade confirmation

For share brokers to communicate live trades to their clients during market hours by empowering them to handle risk with quick communication of trades errors and increase business transparency via SMS and Email. Self-care portal for subscribers, live portfolio status communication along with regulatory body compliance, ready to integrate with leading trade masters and reports & analytics.

Live trade communication I Self-care portal l Trade master integrations I Reports & analytics

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