Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Customer Relation Management

CRM is essential for all businesses today, which allows you to manage your customers in a much better way. You can utilize the CRM software to generate much more impactful results. It is also possible to customize the software as per the requirements of your organization.

CRM is a potent tool in terms of managing your Customers. Use it wisely and unleash its full potential to grow your business.

Customers are the king, and to serve the king you need better tools. In the recent years, most of the companies have moved towards CRM to manage their customers better.

CRM has an enormous potential inside it. Most companies use the software for basic needs, while in reality it could be used to perform powerful tasks. Here are some features to get the most out of from our CRM system.

  • Dashboard (Overview & Overall performance)
  • Fetching Web enquiries as New Lead/Opportunity
  • Lead Management and life cycle
  • Schedules and Reminders
  • Add Comments and notes
  • Instant Quotation (based on predefined template)
  • Quick emails
  • Assign/Transfer Lead to Team Members
  • Monitor Sales and Manage Payments
  • Customer Records & Sale History
  • Reports

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